We offer one day long workshops on 18th of October. These will start at about 9:30 am and work untill 5:30 pm with an hour break for a lunch.

The workshops are paid additionaly. The price includes lunch.

The workshops will be delivered at
Green Garden Hotel Prague
Fügnerovo náměstí Street 1865/4, Praha 2

Performance Tuning with JPA 2.1 and Hibernate

Workshop mastered by: Thorben Janssen

Independent author, trainer, consultant and Hibernate enthusiast
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Date: 18th October, 9:00 a.m

Price: 4500 CZK (170 EUR) + 21% VAT

You will need to bring your laptop!


Persisting data with JPA is so easy that you can learn it within a few hours. But the troubles begin, as soon as your application needs to support a huge amount of data or you have to guarantee very short response times.
You can fulfill these requirements with advanced JPA features and on top of that, Hibernate offers several proprietary features to support further optimizations. But using them efficiently requires far more knowledge.

During this workshop, we will use Hibernate’s Statistics component to learn more about different performance problems and how you can fix them by using the optimal kind of query, query-specific fetching, result mappings and caching.
Each participant should already have practical experience with JPA and Hibernate.

At the beginning of the workshop we will have a look at typical causes of performance problems and how to identify them at early stages of the project.

Afterwards we will work with practical examples to develop different concepts to solve JPA and Hibernate related performance issues, like:

  • optimizing queries,
  • selecting the optimal fetch strategy for each specific use case,
  • using different caches to avoid redundant database queries.
  • Goals:
    The participants learn to identify persistence related performance issues and their most common causes. They gain practical experience in using JPA and Hibernate specific features to solve these issues and implement efficient database operations.

    Target Audience:
    Java developers and architects with JPA and Hibernate experience